We need your CPR consent

Your insurance is personal, and according to the law, we need your consent to use your CPR number. This is necessary for us to be allowed to continue to insure you.

We use your CPR number to register you and your insurance policies and in order to help you more easily. When we have your consent, we are able to identify you easily and safely and thus help you sooner. This means, amongst other things, that we will be notified automatically by the CPR registry if you move to another address, and that we are able to pay into your NemKonto easily and safely.

Important: If you choose not to grant your consent, we will terminate your insurance policies with us.

Do you have any questions? Call us at +45 33 48 58 30 – we are here for you.


CPR consent

I grant my consent for LB Forsikring A/S to process and exchange my CPR number in order for the company to be able to uniquely identify me internally and externally. 

The information will be used in connection with setting up my membership, logging in to Min Side, issuing offers as well as in ongoing administration. My data will also be used when fulfilling my insurance policies and my membership, in connection with risk management and for statistical purposes to ensure better and more cost-effective insurance cover and for validation/update of my data through public registers. 

I may withdraw my consent at any time effective from the same date by contacting LB Forsikring A/S. If I withdraw my consent, my insurance policies will be terminated as per the annual date of renewal.

See our privacy policy and how we process your personal data here (in Danish).


How to grant your consent

You grant your consent by returning to Min Side and selecting "Jeg giver samtykke" (I consent) and then pressing "Send" as shown in the image below:

You will only need to confirm your consent once.


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